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Fundamentals of Light

by Peter C

"This Fundamentals of Light course provided me with an introduction to the essential knowledge required to understand lighting both from the scientific and artistic perspectives The course was a valuable learning experience as it challenged my thinking regarding the application of light - previously I had thought about lighting in purely commercial terms, giving little attention to it's quality - quality of the fixtures, quality of the lighting design, quality of the end result produced by a good lighting design. I liked the 2 x half day format as it gave me time to consider the course material, the quizzes were fun and the discussions with the facilitator were both interesting and helpful”

Course Overview

The problem with learning the technical aspects of lighting in the traditional way

  • Productivity Loss

    Attending face to face training sessions means time away from the work setting - work that than has to be caught up after the training

  • Additional Costs

    To train away from the workplace may involve travel, accomodation, entertainment and food - all additional costs

  • Striking the right "Balance"

    Quite often technical training can be heavily biased toward facts and figures - good for some learners but quite often overly difficult for most participants

  • Learning Application

    Often face to face courses deliver a lot of material in a short time frame however overlook how this content should be applied back at the work place

The Fundamentals of Light Course will teach you key lighting concepts and more importantly how they should be applied

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course

    • Fundamentals of Light course introduction

    • How to get the most out of the Fundamentals of Light course

    • Quick Survey before you begin

  • 2

    The Science and Art of Lighting Naturally

    • Light as a Science

    • Chapter 1 Quiz

    • Light as Art

    • Chapter 2 Quiz

    • Making Art and Science work together

    • Chapter 3 Quiz

    • Learning Integration/Skill building - The Science and Art of Lighting Naturally - Download to record record data

  • 3

    Lighting and our light sensors - the Eyes

    • The Eyes - How Do We See

    • Chapter 1 Quiz

    • What We Don't See

    • Chapter 2 Quiz

    • What Do We See

    • Chapter 3 Quiz

    • Learning Integration/Skill building - Lighting and our Light Sensors - The Eyes, Download to record data

  • 4

    Light Physics and Terminology

    • How You Define Light

    • Chapter 1 Quiz

    • How Light is Measured

    • Chapter 2 Quiz

    • How Light Works

    • Chapter 3 Quiz

    • How Light interacts with materials and people

    • Chapter 4 Quiz

    • Learning Integration/Skill building - Light Physics and Terminology - Download to record data

  • 5

    LED Lamps and Luminaires

    • LED Lamps - Past and Present

    • Chapter 1 Quiz

    • LED Lamps and Luminaires/Fixtures

    • Chapter 2 Quiz

    • LED Lamps and Luminaires - Figuring out what's important

    • Chapter 3 Quiz

    • Learning Integration/Skill building - LED Lamps and Luminaires - Download to record data

  • 6

    Next Steps

    • You're almost done

    • Before you go a quick survey

    • Congrats! Fundamentals Course Conclusion video

Course Creator and Facilitator

David Boyd

A business professional with significant experience in the lighting industry, specialty areas being Learning and Development and Sustainability. Experience has been gained over 20+ years in the lighting industry, across global and domestic organizations. His work overseas allowed him to undertake advanced courses in lighting design and project management in Europe. He also has considerable experience in Lighting Energy Efficiency. He has worked as a sustainability specialist where he conducted research in sustainability to benchmark key competitors, customers and industries supporting internal use of sustainability tools and development of strategic approaches. This sustainability work was further supported by the numerous workshops he developed and ran for major architectural practices. Since 2016 he has been practicing as a private consultant in Lighting and Project Management Education He has now developed a new series of Lighting programs for eLearning application

eLearning Course Format

This innovative eLearning course offers participants the chance to observe a virtual workshop that we ran earlier with a panel of industry specialists ( including an architect, an Interior Design, an Electrical Engineer and a Color specialist), where they answered questions on their specialist subject areas The course is further supported by a series of multiple choice quizzes that will help you remember the key design principles

eLearning System focused on developing your Skills

This course is not just about learning information - it's about developing new skills We achieve this by using different leaning methods - observation of the thirteen workshop videos, quizzes to test your knowledge retention, integration exercises to turn your knowledge into real life skills


  • How long does the Fundamentals of Light course take to complete ?

    The Fundamentals of Light Course is completely self-paced online training. This means once you have enrolled, you decide when you want to start, how many modules you wish to do each session and when to finish.

  • What equipment do I need to study with ICOL ?

    All you need is internet access. Simply log onto your ICOl account and start learning - desktops, laptops, mobile devices are all supported

  • What Certificate will I receive at the end of the Training ?

    ICOL provides a Certificate of Completion at the end of Training once all assessments have been finalised.

  • What's is ICOL's refund policy ?

    If you felt you weren't able to learn the key lighting principles covered in this course and how these principles should be applied please contact our office so we can discuss how we can assist you further

  • How do I calculate the cost of this course in my currency?

    ICOL workshops and courses are charged out in AUD Dollars. Enter the workshop cost into this calculator to estimate the cost in your currency Currency Converter

Course Cost and Inclusions "Online" Course Price $950 AUD

This specialist lighting course will equip you with the essential knowledge to understand the key lighting principles and how these principles should be applied

  • Quick Calculator for the course cost in your country Currency Converter

  • 13 unique virtual workshop videos that cover the 4 subject areas

  • 13 multiple choice quizzes to embed your learning

  • Integration exercises to turn learning theory into real life skills

  • Superb value for money - a fraction of the cost to undertake this program when compared with a face to face learning setting

  • All ICOL's learning content has been developed by industry specialists

Fundamentals of Light "Online" Course

Let's get started on learning the key lighting skills