Workshop Topics

This workshop will help you create amazing lighting specifications by teaching you about:

  • Introduction to the specification market

  • The key players in the specification market

  • Connecting your product to the specification market

  • Getting specified

  • Specification role play

  • Winning specification orders

Virtual Activity

Specification role play with your "Key" specifier

What people are saying about ICOL courses

Fundamentals of Light

by Peter C

"This Fundamentals of Light course provided me with an introduction to the essential knowledge required to understand lighting both from the scientific and artistic perspectives The course was a valuable learning experience as it challenged my thinking regarding the application of light - previously I had thought about lighting in purely commercial terms, giving little attention to it's quality - quality of the fixtures, quality of the lighting design, quality of the end result produced by a good lighting design. I liked the 2 x half day format as it gave me time to consider the course material, the quizzes were fun and the discussions with the facilitator were both interesting and helpful”

Course Creator and Facilitator

David Boyd

A business professional with significant experience in the lighting industry, specialty areas being Learning and Development and Sustainability. Experience has been gained over 20+ years in the lighting industry, across global and domestic organizations. His work overseas allowed him to undertake advanced courses in lighting design and project management in Europe. He also has considerable experience in Lighting Energy Efficiency. He has worked as a sustainability specialist where he conducted research in sustainability to benchmark key competitors, customers and industries supporting internal use of sustainability tools and development of strategic approaches. This sustainability work was further supported by the numerous workshops he developed and ran for major architectural practices. Since 2016 he has been practicing as a private consultant in Lighting and Project Management Education He has now developed a new series of Lighting programs for eLearning application